ph. Lorna Rande

It’s hard to say when everything started because I’ve always had a passion for images and seeing the world inside an optical viewfinder, but I think it all started when I was 14 years old with 35mm film cameras and VHSC camcorder.

Born and raised in Rome (Italy) but now stabilized  in Vancouver (Canada),  during my career I got heavily into professional racing and repairing mountain bikes while at the same time for the last 10 years photography has been my constantly increasing preoccupation.

I was getting more and more passionate about images and the desire to capture a moment with my style and my way of seeing the world. I decided to dedicate myself full time to making this passion my profession. I hope you like my photos on this web site and I aspire to be the photographer who will capture your moment or special day and make it immortal, so it stirs your emotions whenever you see it again.

I never wondered why I took photos. In reality mine is a desperate battle against the idea that we are all destined to disappear.I am determined to keep time from flowing.It’s pure madness.

— Robert Doisneau