Stills Photography

Not many people know how much I love being on set (I worked as Bike stunt in  2010 for an Italian film production and as background in Vancouver in last 2 years) and since i moved in British Columbia passion has grown quickly due the big film industry in West Canada and film set rolling everyday in Vancouver, that’s why I’m taking a new step as Stills photographer moving to San Diego/Los Angeles which is gonna be for me the main love that I call: job and passion, I’m really focused on telling the story of the film with an imagine where the photographer skills are the key to capture the moment on set without disturbing actors and crew (silent shutter on my camera is mandatory!!!!). For those who doesn’t know yet, Stills Photographers take the vitally important photographs of film sets or studio shoots that are used to create the press and publicity for feature films. These arresting images, if they are used well, can genuinely contribute to a film’s box office and international sales success. Unit Stills Photographers usually work on set, recording scenes from the film; alternatively, they may be required to set up photographs in the style of the film in a studio environment.

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