Your wedding  day is “the day”! It’s unique…It’s the best day of your life and you deserve piece of mind about photos and videos of that.

You might find a cheaper service, for sure, maybe even for free or a special deal from a low rate photographer, but the question for you is: HOW MUCH YOUR WEDDING VALUE FOR YOU? HOW LONG HAVE YOU WAITED FOR THIS DAY? DO YOU WANT PICTURES THAT WILL MAKE YOU EMOTIONAL EVERY TIME YOU WILL LOOK AT THEM FOR REST OF YOUR LIFE OR YOU NEED JUST SOME PICTURES JUST TO SHOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA ONCE IN A WHILE? Well, give an honest answer to you and you give your wedding the value it needs.

Wedding it’s a special day where everything must be in the right way, fun and smooth. ANY picture and any video has to be special with the best result and quality as possible, and the key for me to achieve that is giving my professionalism, my knowledge and my experience creating an amazing time with bride and groom! That’s why before the wedding I love to have a chat, scouting the location for a light check, making a plan of the light set up, check the weather on the wedding date and all that small details as a professional I need. Photographer/Videographer, bride and groom will create a great teamwork in order to realize amazing photos/video and having fun!